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Iannis Adamopoulos, a UC Davis researcher who specializes in skeletal and immune-system diseases, may be selected being an Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) Scholar and Sontag Foundation Fellow. Adamopoulos will get a grant of $75,000 to help his promising research on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Certainly one of 13 ANRF scholars, he could be the one awardee being identified by the Sontag Foundation. ANRF is one of a small selection of tax deductible charities focusing on Arthritis Research.

"We are delighted to name Dr. Adamopoulos since the Sontag Foundation Fellow for 2011," said philanthropist and Sontag Foundation President Rick Sontag. "His work may give you the next breakthrough to finally end the debilitating disease that plagued my mother for 37 many ended her lifetime." Adamopoulos, an assistant professor of internal medicine, found out that an immune cytokine called interleukin 23 (IL-23) can be a key regulator of joint inflammation and bone destruction. His discovering that abnormal expression of IL-23 causes severe arthritis and bone decrease of mice was recently confirmed in human cells. The next thing in the principals are to ascertain the potential of IL-23 inhibitors as arthritis treatments. "Dr. Adamopoulos is shifting the main focus of arthritis research and bone health investigations toward immune-system cells not previously thought to be significant," said Timothy Albertson, acting chair in the Department of Internal Medicine at UC Davis. "This change probably will use a profound affect on expanding therapeutic selections for those whose arthritis is not managed with current treatments. It is admirable that the ANRF and Sontag Foundation possess the insight to recognize his innovative work." Prior to joining UC Davis in 2010, Adamopoulos conducted drug discovery research at Schering-Plough Biopharma in Palo Alto, Calif. He holds a B.Sc. honors degree through the University of Surrey, an M.Phil. from University College London along with a D.Phil. from your University of Oxford, Wolfson College, where he received a scholarship for research on inflammatory arthritis. Operating out of Long Beach, Calif., the ANRF provides research grants to outstanding, early-career scientists that are becoming leading researchers in rheumatic disease, autoimmunity and inflammation with the objective of finding new treating debilitating, chronic diseases. The ANRF's highly competitive, NIH-level review process -- conducted by its Scientific Advisory Board -- makes sure that only top-tier applicants and projects are funded. Every year, the Sontag Foundation fully funds the grant of your ANRF-selected researcher that is studying arthritis rheumatoid. More resources for ways to make online donations visit The [ is amongst the nation's leading medical schools, with regard to its research and primary-care programs. The institution offers fully accredited master's degree programs in public health and in informatics, as well as combined M.D.-Ph.D. program is training the next generation of physician-scientists to conduct high-impact research and translate discoveries into better clinical care. Along with being a recognized leader in scientific research, the teachers is devoted to serving under served communities and advancing rural health.