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If you have a small business then it is very essential that you have an open sign hanging in the window of your business. Open signs let individuals know your open. Some small business owners just settle for placing there hours on the door. The problem with that is that unless your right in front of your shop you are unable to see those hours.
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An open sign can be seen from a distant. If a potential customer is driving by, they can see from the street that you are open. Otherwise, they will just pass by your business and look for the next business.
Open signs attract interest due to their vibrant lights. The majority, if not all, open signs are either neon or LED. This is for the sole purpose of attracting interest and obtaining individuals to come into your business.
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Just think about it. If you are driving down the street in the evening and you see a big read sign that says open, that will catch your attention.
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Open signs are so powerful. You are actually leaving money out there for an additional business to get if you do not have an open sign.
Most of the time an open sign is the only indication that you are open for business. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of potential customers drive previous your business every single day. Many probably have no clue your open simply because they do not see an open sign. Therefore they don't stop.
An open sign is like a special invitation inviting everyone to come in. If they do not feel invited then they most likely won't come in.
You want to invite as many individuals as possible into your store. Why? Simply because the more people that come in your shop the more money you will make.
[ open sign]

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