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Propilkki => Propilkki in english => Aiheen aloitti: Mikko_-Procyon- - Maaliskuu 19, 2008, 20:30:44

Otsikko: Usa/Canada Propilkki -forum
Kirjoitti: Mikko_-Procyon- - Maaliskuu 19, 2008, 20:30:44

I promised to give this short advertising here.

Here is one more English Propilkki forum: http://www.iceshanty.com/ice_fishing/index.php?board=169.0

They also wanted English speaking icefishermans to join and wished all of you welcome to discuss about icefishing:

Otsikko: Vs: Usa/Canada Propilkki -forum
Kirjoitti: teacup13 - Maaliskuu 20, 2008, 13:09:41
we would love to fish against all international icefisher people

we have hot spots and now we want to see yours..lol

if you ever see Bam Bam on a server or teacup13, that is me

i will post my server later and hope that we can get some english speaking players to join us
Otsikko: Re: Usa/Canada Propilkki -forum
Kirjoitti: los(nor) - Maaliskuu 21, 2008, 17:08:03
Hi teacup13..

Fun to see that the Pp2 community is growing all over.
We could be ready for som matches if we agree about the timedifference :-P

Anyway,about spots.!!

Our spots are published here:http://www.propilkki.no/viewforum.php?f=3 (http://www.propilkki.no/viewforum.php?f=3) (sorry for advertising)  :-)

So don,t worry about your own spots teacup13,come with them  :-D