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Propilkki => Propilkki in english => Aiheen aloitti: Hankey Bannister - Joulukuu 09, 2013, 18:48:51

Otsikko: WANTED some admins
Kirjoitti: Hankey Bannister - Joulukuu 09, 2013, 18:48:51
Who can read and write English & Russian languages! And no harm, if you speak/ read/ write some other languages too! (karhu200)

Please send a private message for me or drop by in my host! If i am not present, please visit again.

Its important to tell to other players how to:

1) use private messages in game
2) act like gentlemen

It's important, because so many prussian pro-pilkki -player doesn't manage any other language than russian... AS YOU KNOW!

And if those advices don't help, then host have power to mute or kick player.

Welcome to play all readers....

There is no payment, but all admins are free to join all my tournaments (And can win)