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Propilkki in english / Vs: Game crashes
« : Huhtikuu 15, 2011, 05:55:46  »
Hi, it seems i finally had fixed it! Inside  c:\Users\All Users\Procyon\ProPilkki2\static\settings.dat, the resolution was set to 1280x720. I changed that to 1280x800, as my screen is 16:10 format (1920x1200). Now it runs stable for hours in fullsceen mode, no problems.  8-)
Should't the installer or game do this form start and check if it's 16:10 screen, then change resolution to 1280x800 automatically, it would solve a lot of issues..

Cheers.  :mrgreen:

Propilkki in english / Vs: Game crashes
« : Maaliskuu 25, 2011, 11:39:58  »
8 ) Just looked at the package from the graphics adapter and it says OC edition. So it could be my GTX 460 that comes over clocked from factory?  Don't now if i can change that..

Propilkki in english / Vs: Game crashes
« : Maaliskuu 25, 2011, 10:40:56  »
Thanks, i have tried most things but will investigate further. Something seems to max out the graphics and makes the fan run faster, then black screen a few secs. Sometimes it goes back to normal, other it crashes to desktop and transparency in windows is gone (means heavy GPU load in win7) until i click close program on the error message. It seems to happen randomly but mostly in fishing mode and when pressing escape/pause.

Propilkki in english / Vs: Game crashes
« : Maaliskuu 25, 2011, 00:24:59  »
As i have the same issues, i tested the 3 newest nvidia drivers; 260.99, 266.58, 267.24-beta.
Tested with Propilkki 2 v0.851, win 7, 64-bit, GFX 460.
Using driver 260.99 the system freeze completely. I can not return to desktop and can only reboot on the computer. That happen 3 times when gaming.
Using 260.99 and 267.24 makes black screen and performance issues and sometimes crash to desktop.
Tried default the driver settings and make clean installs. Still the game crashes randomly.

Propilkki in english / Vs: PP2 0.851 crash
« : Maaliskuu 01, 2011, 16:15:58  »
Ah i see..

Thank you. It's done.

Propilkki in english / PP2 0.851 crash
« : Maaliskuu 01, 2011, 15:03:26  »

First thanks for amazing game. Really enjoying it.

However PP2 v0.851 seems to crash randomly when running in full screen mode. Just caught a lot of fish in 30 min. cup mode, then a black screen and crash to desktop with an error message: Main executable of PP2 has stopped working. PP2 0.8 was running fine and also PP2 0.851 but only in windowed mode.

My system:
win7, 64bit, 6 gb ram, i7 950
GTX 460 with the newest driver from nvidia (266.58)
Screen resolution is: 1920 x 1200

Would be nice to see it fixed. Thanks again!

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