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Viestit - andy(usa)

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Propilkki in english / Re: Sarkijarvi
« : Helmikuu 19, 2008, 22:31:12  »
I got the maps, thanks a lot guys for the help. I am now catching a few fish.

Propilkki in english / Sarkijarvi
« : Helmikuu 15, 2008, 21:36:37  »
Small roundish lake with a point toward the top of the map. Any advice for fishing it? I can do decent on many several other laeks but this one, all I have caught are a few roach. This pond has been a perpetual thorn in my side. Thanks, Andy

Propilkki in english / Vs: Favorite lure?
« : Helmikuu 15, 2008, 21:33:08  »
I have had very good success with the lure mentioned above, vertical wings, gold with a red worm for all trout speicies, grayling, and charr included. But for perch, my success usually comes on the basic perch pattern in the second lure box, works well for pike too.

Propilkki in english / Vs: Brook Trout Exact Location?
« : Helmikuu 15, 2008, 19:54:18  »
i have caught several in Niemisjarvet, on seveal different vertical jigs, the copper and gold ones being my most productive. All of the ones I catch are fairly small, 100-400g.

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