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Support creating Propilkki 2 - Account for voluntary donations opened

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Propilkki 2 –game is freely available from our home page. Downloading of it and its usage are totally free of charge. Authors of the game gain no incomes from it. However, creating the game requires hardware and many software tools, which are paid by authors themselves.

If you like Propilkki 2 –game and want to donate some money for helping us to create it even better, it is now possible. Account for volunteer donations is now opened:

Bank: Kortesjärven säästöpankki
Owners of an account: Mikko Happo & Janne Olkkonen
BIC-code of bank: HELSFIHH
IBAN account number: FI4749120010003811

Donations only in Euros. Note, that bank may charge you from international money transactions.

Or just use PayPal and click here

We will use donated money only for costs originated from creation of Propilkki 2. At the first stage, we need to update our old computers and softwares to be equivalent of needs of modern hardwares and operating systems. Money could also be used to give some small gifts to our partners in cooperation and to people, who have helped us with their voluntary work.

We would like to thank You all, who supports creating of Propilkki 2! Let’s keep it free of charge also in future!

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If you really want to receive donations then, the best you can do, is to open an PayPal account.
If I send money from an another country, bank commissions are at least the same or even higher than donation itself!

I know that! I will find out, how that PayPal system works. I have only paid with it, but never used it in receiving money.

Sender pays nothing to PayPal - and this is the most important to motivate people!
You as receiver pay 3.4% + 0.35 EUR from my donation.

I pay 1 EUR --> you receive 1.00-0.03-0.35= 0.62 EUR
I pay 5 EUR --> you receive 5.00-0.17-0.35= 4.48 EUR
I pay 10 EUR --> you receive 10.00-0.34-0.35= 9.31 EUR
I pay 50 EUR --> you receive 50.00-1.70-0.35= 47.95 EUR
I pay 100 EUR --> you receive 100.00-3.40-0.35= 96.25 EUR

When some money will be collected in your PayPal-account you could want to transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account or credit card. At least in Latvia it costs 2 EUR. But you can do this transaction only once after several hundreds or even thousands of Euros :lol: will be accumulated in your account.

Ok, now there is PayPal account available.


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