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Information for new members - Profile creation


We have changed our forum to "activate accounts by moderators" - status. This is because of huge amount of spam-messages and bot-profiles in our forum.

So, PLEASE use clearly different naming of your nick, than those gibberish-bots uses. It is also recommended to use e-mail address, that also differs from those of the bots uses. Then we can activate your profiles. If your joining to our forum fails, please redo it and use clearly differing nick/e-mail.


Please dont use or e-mail addresses. We will not activate accounts, which uses these mail addresses. These are largely used in spamming and spreading pornographic material etc..

We will also clear ALL accounts with 0 postings and  e-mail address used in profile.

Good to see that you take action in the fight against spammers.
God, i hate them..


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