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After the World championship the administration of forums and suggests to hold command tournament between forums. The quantity of commands from a forum - is not limited. Quantity of players in a command constant - 10 persons. Tournament is offered to be conducted on a circle - each command plays with each. In one day weeks (environment) at 20.00 across Helsinki. 2 games for 30 minutes. 1 game on a host of 1 command, 2 game on other host (on a visit). The task is underlined before game in a game chat a command - the owner, 2nd game on the contrary. Results of game - offset on the first 8 players on points. 1 place - 10 points, 2 place - 8 points, 3 place - 6 points, 4 place - 5 points, 5 place - 4 points, 6 place - 3, 7 - 2 points, 8 - 1 point. The others - 0.

Delivery of following awards is offered to winners and prize-winners of tournament -

Dimafan. I published your invitation in the Latvian forum. So far there is no "jumping and screaming of joy" about this tournament, but at least 1 latvian team will join.
BUT, there is a problem. As you can imagine- not everyone is able to show up to every game already now, in our own championship, so, I can assure you, that we will never be 10 persons in one game if you do not allow a larger team. Say 10+2. I would of course, officially inform you at least 2 days before the game about the actual (10 person) line-up. What do you think of this?

I forgot. Do i publish the application form here, or somewhere else?  :?

Team Legion, clothes colour Nr 8 (dark green)

1.   Koka_Klucis (captain)
2.   Aigars
3.   Bebrs
4.   Eduks
5.   Gatis
6.   Hllupiks
7.   Je6ka
8.   Kika
9.   Maris
10. Zivgarnis
1. Aivars N- spare member
2. Andzha- spare member


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