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Hi! (My first post)

": I started to compile some information from the game, some forums and some of my own experiences.
It started out as a little exercise in webdesign for my own amusement, but soon grew to something bigger.
You can see this compilation as a beginners guide to Pro Pilkki 2, and later it may also become a more advanced guide."

Since I have not set any commenting system on the site, leave your comments and suggestions here at the forum.

Also beware that the site is work in progress, and can change without notice.

Oh, and here is the site:

URL is updated, delete your old bookmark!

Fantastic job!

Nice!  :-)

Nice start   :-D
Håper du har sett, mye å finne der "lokegata"  :wink:

Most of the info is taken from the different forums in the Links page on the site, including

My job has basically been to organize the information into a webpage. But I will always welcome input on what to put into the guide. I have tried to keep the info as basic as possible, as it's only meant to be a beginners guide, with potential to expand into something more advanced with time.

Next goal is to finish the 'autohosting and scripting' -sections and a 'install and setup' -section. Next will probably be a 'troubleshooting' -section, then I may go into fish species or maybe start translation to Norwegian.

This project is not going to be finished tomorrow or next week, as I do this mainly on my free time. When I feel like it  :wink:

The server seems to have no problems with the extra workload and I have had approx. 500 pageloads and 100 unique visits since I posted the link in the first post  :-D

I'm planning to do some php on the site, but before that I will upgrade to a better machine since it is not enough power in the server as it is now. But I'm surprised that a machine formerly used as a thin-client works so smooth as a webserver.

I also run an autohost-server with the same specs as the webserver, and this also runs smoothly :-D Look for 'Lokegata Propilkkilaug' in the public host-list to try it out. At the moment I run a playlist with 30min competitions with all lakes in an alphabetically order and different gametypes. And if you try it out and wan't to say 'Hi', look for the nick 'Vincent', if I'm playing at the time.


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