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Looking for lure information


  I'm trying to find out about a spoon type lure that I think is called a Rauto ? It is used for Arctic char fishing. I am trying to find out where they are made and how they are rigged for vertical jigging ?


Mr Ponu:
  Hello !

 Rauto was originally made by swedish Abu.  It was very popular (and  still is among same fishermans) from 60´s at least late 80´s.  Here is link for one english page, where you can find tips for using Abu Rauto:

Here is links for same kind of lures, which are made in Finland:

Also one more swedish made:

Unfortunately language is mostly finnish, but i hope you get some information. Also googling " Abu Rauto" can be useful.


Thank you for posting the information about the Rauto spoon Mr Ponu, it is Very much appreciated !



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