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Request "TRUSTED HOST" status here!

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You play much pp2? You want to be one of the record hosts?

Request "TRUSTED HOST" status here.

Just tell us your nick and specify a little bit, how much you are going to play. Open acccess hosts are taken positively into account.

Last note to records hosts that have only limited number of hosting minutes in their account. We will soon remove "trusted status", if the host has not hosted games. The idea of "trusted hosts" is not just to earn kind of a status symbol. It means that you really have to use it and be hosting matches for other players. We will remove the inactive trusted host status and give it to new more active players.

I will now remove trusted host status from those players, that have showed no activity after summer or have 0 to 15 (or small actvity) as a host.

If there is 0 minutes hosted, I can't be sure that is the host even capable for hosting! Now there is still 205 trusted hosts status left.

HI. Forum want open regular public host. Can you add, please, player  KAZARAGS.LV  to record trusted host.


Certainly, but first I need him/her to play as a host. Now his account says "0 hosting minutes". This is just to be sure, that his connection really works as a host.


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