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Toomas Lillemäe

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Fishing place recommendation
« : Syyskuu 19, 2017, 14:46:39 »
Hello all, i am planning to come to Finland in February 2018 with 5-6 friends for some nice sauna and ice-fishing.  Lets say maximum 500km from Helsinki, what lake or region you would recommend us, we dont want anything fancy, maybe some pike, perch and zander maybe.

Been there twice (first year in Lapland (Kemijärvi - in which we discovered water level had been dropped 10Meters) and second year near Kuopio - very fun but mökki was small and not too much fish (although much more than first year).

So maybe you could recommend me some lakes with Mökkis(Cottages) available on the shore. Also is there are site where i can look on map, if there is some special regulation for fishing in that lake (i would prefer free ice fishing lakes without special permits). 

Best regards

Mr Ponu

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Vs: Fishing place recommendation
« Vastaus #1 : Syyskuu 19, 2017, 16:05:14 »
 Hello !  Here is few links, where I would try:



First is located  in south-west Finland, about 200 kilometers from Helsinki. Second in in eastern Finland, 350 kilometers from Helsinki and third is near Kuopio, where you have already been earlier.  All tree have cottages near good ice-fishing spots and owners are helpful for giving fishing tips. First one (Säkylä) is maybe most popular of these three places. None of these three needs any special licence for ice-fishing.
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