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The 12th World Championships of Pro Pilkki 2 - 2019

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Matches will be played:

1st ROUND  (QUALIFICATION GROUP  A and B)   7th of April (Sunday)   

2nd ROUND (FINALS)  14th of April (Sunday)

Hosts will open: 18.30
Game starts: 19.00


1)  This thread is where the players of the teams are named. Players of the teams are those, who are given to me separately (also in this thread). Captains are ”contact persons” or some named non-member of team (translation problems etc). Each team has 4 players and 2 substitutes. If a lower amount of players are available, when game starts, team must play by using only earlier named list of players.

2) Captains/contact persons are informed about time-schedule and IP-address and password of the games. They have to share this information with their team. USE PRIVATE MESSAGES OR E-MAIL! NOT FORUMS PUBLIC THREADS!

3) Delays or changes in time-schedule are informed to captains as soon as possible. If there are some problems with technical things, connection, important family-things of the host, there might be some changes. Hosts and organizers of this tournament are 1) Holssi 2) Lupu and 3) -heikki-. Spare hosts are Mikko_-Procyon- and Janne_-Procyon-. Mikko or Janne might be in the role of official referee in the matches too.

4) Host is open 30min before start (18.30 time of Finland )
And the game will start 19.00. If player is late, he can join to the rest of the matches, but there are no restarts for being late. Matches will be played Mon – Sun, but the most probable time for matches is Sunday evening.

5) There will be 4 lakes in one tournament. Length of the match is always 30min. Lakes are not named before start, but large maps are preferred. There are short, about 5min break between games. Results are counted immediately after game is over (and between maps or in some cases propilkki buddy software is used. Other option is to use similar system that was used in Finnish championships). There is 30min protesting time after the results are shown. If there is something wrong, captains do the official protest and send it to the organizer (Lupu, -heikki- and holssi). Procyon Products make decisions for approvals and discarding of the protests. There is no possibility to complain about decisions.

6) If connection to the game is disconnected during match, player is out of the match. If some problems occur during start for more than 3 players, there will be 1 restart. If the same player is constantly having problems with start, no restarts are performed. If the host is crashed, then there will be restart of the lake. Players must rejoin as soon as possible. If there are some other major problems, it is informed to captains as soon as possible. There will be also additional information about continuing of the game. If the forum is temporarily “down”, then game information is shared by e-mail or secondary forum (named later if decided to be used) to the captains of the teams.

7) Most of the games are “normal” or “all the species” type of matches, but there will be also 1 special type of match in every league. If game type is ”largest fish”, no extra point for the largest fish is given.

8 ) Points:

1 = 10 points
2 = 8
3 = 6
4 = 5
5 = 4
6 = 3
7 = 2
8 = 1

Largest fish = 1 point

Host is counting points and therefore also collecting playlog-file.  Host is not playing, he is only official referee. In cases of disturbing of other players game (e.g. drilling many holes too near), player must call referee to decide what is going on. Referee can discard the player, if some severe disturbing occurs. Too much spamming in chat is also counted as disturbing, but normal chatting is allowed and even recommended.

List of game system, match table and leagues are shown later in this thread.

9)  If there are 2 teams with same amount of points, positions in matches makes the difference. If  EVEN THIS did not make a difference, largest fish of the team is taken into account. If EVEN THIS did not make a difference (nearly impossible situation), I will toss a coin to find out the winner.

10) Final is played with the same system than qualifying leagues.

11) Chatting during games is allowed, but private messaging is preferred. In public chat, the language is ONLY English. No other languages are allowed or player will get muted.

12) Latest release of the game (to be released soon) is used in the tournament. Player can also use mobile version of the game, if desired. During this tournament, minimum requirement is 1.3 version.

13) The games are played with all lures available.

14) Games are planned to be played during MARCH-APRIL 2019. Time-schedules are informed about 1 week before match.
--- Lainaus päättyy ---

Shortly, rules will be almost 100% same than previously, as well as registration.. so if you already have selected your national team, you are welcome to publish it here ;)

Team Finland (clothes nro.23)

Tonza_888 (C)
Lareman (A)
hauen leuka
aku ankka

contact: [email protected]

Team Norway

Metzgar ( C )
kjelli ( A )

Reservers :


Contact : [email protected]

Nasjonalitet : NOR
Team : NOR
Dresscode : 25


Team Lithuania (Clothes Color Nr.32)

Vip (C)
Terminator (A)

Contact: [email protected]

yeahbee swe:

Team Sweden

Dresscode: 24

Assassin ( C )
Mogge ( A )

Kontakt: [email protected]


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