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Hello today I must demonstrate a chakra meditation. We will begin by simply getting a comfortable location to sit. OK, have a few deep breaths, allow the shoulders to decrease, permit the jaw dropping, allow you to ultimately be comfortable sitting up. Try to make sure you will not be disturbed by anything by get yourself ready for your chakra meditations beforehand. We are going to first start with visualising the chakras. Each chakra is assigned to a selected colour plus it symbolises wholeness with the mind body and spirit. You'll find 7 major chakra centres within the body. These are the basic ones we'll be emphasizing today in our Chakra Meditation. And then we will begin together with the pelvic chakra the root chakra which is red and we are just going to breath and visualise red energy throughout the bottom individuals spine and our pelvis. The red chakra the base chakra is to employ our physical survival, our vitality, stability, patience, courage and material success. It provides us life force and is also our link to planet earth. So you might need to visualise this base chakra just like a red flower opening and filling this area with love so flood the area with red utilizing your awareness and visualisation while breathing calmly.

Now gently turn to the next chakra which is orange and is just under the navel. So visualise when you inhale and exhale flooding the therapy lamp using the colour orange, as being a beautiful orange clouds surrounding the area. The therapy lamp is always to employ our creativity, our sexuality, our passion, it offers us physical force, vitality and strength. So just keep breathing and flooding this area with all the beautiful vibrant orange colour and again you may visualise this chakra as an orange flower opening itself and filling the location with orange cloud. Now enable you to get awareness to another chakra which is the solar plexus. That is located just below the rib cage and we are gonna flood the therapy lamp with beautiful yellow light. This really is regarding our feeling of identity, our personality, this area promotes confidence and power, spontaneous action and when it's functioning this is when we now have our warmth and where we radiate our inner glow. So again you might visualise the therapy lamp being a flower opening itself and just see yourself being bathed by the suns energy and permit it to penetrate the bradenton area of your body... so just keep breathing and imagine filling the therapy lamp with vibrant yellow energy like the sun. Then gently take your awareness from the solar plexus and toward the spot from the heart. This chakra is green and we all will visualise green energy pouring constitute the centre of our own chest. This is our emotional centre where we presume love, compassion, understanding and where we bring forgiveness. The heart chakra is our central chakra from the body it provides us love and it is an effective healer. Loving ourselves may be the first step toward a healthy body and happiness. So really sit and become aware of your heart area and glance at the green energy coming through, again you are able to visualise a green lotus flower opening itself in your heart to actually bring in the force... Now we progress up the throat area that is blue. And we all just keep breathing and visualising blue being received by the throat area and visualise it going all the way up across the neck. This chakra would be to apply communication, self-expression and sounds. So it's this Chakra Meditation that builds a bridge between us as well as the world around it. If you happen to get throat problems usually it's related to communication you aren't communicating enough or communicating too much. Therefore we just sit now and feel this lovely blue energy. You will see becoming a blue flower opening itself and spreading the vitality throughout the area. Now we take our awareness approximately the brow. This chakra is situated just involving the eyebrows plus it promotes vision, intuition and is also our centre for psychic abilities, concentration and insight. Its colour is indigo, so we are breathing in the colour indigo. You might like to bring your inner site as much as el born area just by letting up your eyes rollup while focusing your awareness with this area. Keep breathing gently whilst imagining spreading the energy around this area Now progress for the crown chakra at the top of the head. This vitalises our upper brain and promotes positive thought pattern inspiration, and imagination. It's accountable for our spiritual well-being; celebrate the link on the higher self and the cosmic forces and also channels life energy into our system and aligns and balances each of our chakras. So just visualise the top head this also beautiful purple colour emanating from it, just allow the top of the head to be bathed within the beautiful purple cloud. Therefore we have already been from the seven different chakras and energised utilizing their colours. Daily accomplished and your life will unfold just like a beautiful lotus flower...