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Loft conversion refers to the concept of changing a space that you have empty in your attic (for example) into a functional space that can have multiple utilizes (bedroom, gym, office, storage space, and so on.).

Are you curious to discover the elements involved in this operation?

- The right permission

Loft conversions do not need a permission for planning, except if the property is positioned in a conservative location. In what issues the legal elements, you can simply ask for a COL (a certificate of lawfulness) and obtain the planning permission without getting to wait for two months, as in other instances.

- Thy neighbor

Good neighbor tell the other people about their plans of developing a loft conversion. And I do not mean at the moment of construction, but a bit in advance. This way you will preserve a great partnership with your neighbors and you won't obtain any notices from your angry neighbors. It is better to prevent than treat!

- Schedule from the builder or contractor

It is usually a great idea to get a rough schedule related to the fundamental outline of what is going to occur, and particulars on when this will be completed. It will be of help when you make a financial strategy.

- Check the costs

Attempt getting a realistic quote prior to starting any loft conversion operation. This way you can know the cost of your plan. This way you can take note of the cost charged by your builder and what others charge for the exact same work. You should be extremely cautious with this process in order to obtain a great estimate for the best quality.

- Dormer Method

If you are living close to a conservative region, the dormer method may be a bit hard to place into practice. However, if this is not the case, the dormer technique can place to use a bigger space.

- Great company

Before starting any project, you must find the perfect company that handles this type of function. Begin by collecting quotes from great companies and evaluate them before hiring. You can also check online a few companies with a fantastic reputation, or get some references from family and friends.