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The recognition of Pakistani dramas has been huge ever since the starting of their production in the 1960's. These tv shows gather big audiences in front of the Television screen not only in Pakistan, but also in India and the Middle East. Thanks to the modern indicates of communication, they can be watched from any corner of the globe. Traditionally, they have covered topics such as love and the achievements of well-known people, but lately they have started to touch upon numerous social problems as well.

The Main Attributes

Most Pakistani dramas have traditional format. They fall into two main categories. These consist of telenovelas, which tell 1 story in many episodes, and anthology series, which inform a various story in every episode. There are also miniseries, but they are not as common as their counterparts. Most series are in Urdu, but there are ones in other languages spoken in the nation as well.

While these series have traditional formats, they have unique length. They usually finish in less than one year. They do not have hundreds of episodes like the well-liked Western soap operas. They do not have seasons like the traditional anthology series. The little length is really regarded as a advantage since the danger of audiences obtaining bored with a show is very low.

The drama series cover a range of subjects. The conventional ones include love and romance, family ties, betrayal and honor. In current years, the shows have began to cover socially essential subjects like domestic violence, kid marriages, racism and the fight against terrorism. Most series are based on novels which are adapted for television, but this is not always the case.

The Main Genres

Romance is undoubtedly the most popular genre for Pakistani dramas. It consists of recent award-winners like Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Aunn Zara. It has two primary subcategories. The first one is middle-class drama which typically tells the story of two people fighting for their love in an urban setting. The pastoral dramas take place in a rural setting and concentrate on the romance of two individuals who come from various social and monetary backgrounds and fall in love.

The adolescence or teen dramas are focused on the issues associated with the transfer from childhood to adulthood. The historical dramas usually inform the stories of well-known people or describe essential historic events. The thriller series most often include crime resolution. Dramedy is a genre which offers a mix in between drama and comedy. Its popularity is constantly expanding thanks to shows like Rasgullay.

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