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I'm certain you're conscious of the explosion in popularity of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications. Even if you don't personal 1 of these devices, you've probably noticed 1 of Apple's commercials showing how amazingly fun or useful all their apps are.
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Companies are getting into the app craze by the thousands. Not only are new companies becoming formed to build apps, but many existing businesses are building their own apps, either as an additional revenue stream or just as a way to build their brand.
In reality, a lot of companies are beginning to think of apps as the new website: each business should have 1!
Here's something to think about: who's actually building all these apps?
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There's presently a massive disparity in between provide and demand when it comes to iOS development. The iOS platform didn't even exist 3 years ago, and all of a sudden there are tens of thousands of businesses and individuals desperately looking for people to build their apps.
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How can i do that?
It's a great time to be an iOS developer. Clearly new app companies have a require for developers, but even the big established businesses require people. You don't have to look far to find locations looking to hire, and you can also do great operating as a consultant or freelancer. Many businesses aren't searching to develop an app in-house if app development isn't a core part of their business.
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In addition, no matter exactly where you're situated in the globe, there most likely isn't a lot of outsourcing for iOS development. It's just as well new a platform. Off-shore development shops like to focus on big, established platforms for which certifications are accessible. This is why.NET and other Microsoft platforms are so huge in the outsourcing world, whilst open source platforms are comparatively limited. The iOS platform is still only a few years old, and Apple has yet to create an official certification program.
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I expect this demand is only going to continue, at least in the brief term of the subsequent couple of years. The iPhone is still hugely well-liked, and is continuing to be added to new carriers, which indicates new customers. The iPad's development has been huge even in the relatively brief time it's been accessible.
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Another aspect not to discount is the Mac App Store. I expect it to only get much more popular as it becomes further integrated with Mac OS X Lion. If you're an iOS developer, it's only a very brief jump to developing Mac apps.
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Learning to create apps doesn't have to be hard -- although the language, Objective-C, is new to most, there's lots of documentation available, whether it be from Apple's website, books, courses, or on-line tutorials. Even if you're currently employed, it's a great ability to have in your back pocket.
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