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Title: Lithuania Tournament 2011
Post by: mariukas on February 20, 2011, 00:52:15
Propilkki Lithuanian Cup 2011

Organizers: VIP

Tournament start date: 2011 03 10

In the presence of the team

Number of participants: 10 to 10, plus you can have up to six people back.

Competitions will be held every Thursday at 20h00 Lithuania time.

Competition Type: 4 lakes within 30 minutes.

Lakes can not be repeated, it is a lake where the team has been selected its contestants, its no longer have to make the tournament.

Race course: two lakes in 30 minutes played in a single host, then the other two lakes within 30 minutes of a rival host.

Point counting: a place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 6 points, 4th place 5 points 5th place 4 points, 6th place 3 points, 7th place 2 points, 1 point for 8th place, plus one point for the largest fish.

Victory calculation: The winner is the team to occupy positions of points is the maximum amount that is 2 points for victory, one point for a draw, 0 points defeat.

Applications must be sent to 2011 03 06 [email protected] Skype: Marelis25 or raise it to Lithuania page Propilkki Cup 2011th www.propilkki.lt

Race schedules and timetables will be uploaded to the forum when their application is approved by the team.

Thank you, good day!