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Title: 0.853 patch -download here
Post by: Mikko_-Procyon- on August 24, 2011, 15:03:41
Previous pp2 version have been reported to cause problems with Nvidia graphic adapters. In most of the cases, update of drivers have helped. However, sometimes update has not solved the problem. Therefore we have released 0.853 patch, which may be the solution.

This 0.853 file updates the game (not a full install, just an update file!). If some new unwanted problems exists, you can always download old 0.851 version and re-install it. There are several positive feedbacks about that new version. It will also fasten a little bit other hardware-combinations too (e.g. my ATI was about 5-20% faster, depending on situation) during gameplay.

Here is a link to update: