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Title: Speed cheating
Post by: Mikko_-Procyon- on February 03, 2014, 10:51:50
I just want to inform you that there are currently some speed cheaters playing in the games. Normally these are playing as a clients and they seems to run incredible speed from one point to another. Game automatically kicks them out. However, if any of those are playing as a host we need to know immediately about that. Let us know their IP-address and nick and give information about "what happened, when and where".  All the information is valuable.

We have zero tolerance against cheating.

For hosts, if those cheaters join into your games, just kick/ban them immediately. Thereafter, change from the options to "select players manually" instead of automatic selection. Then write /spect off. This mutes the player so that other players are not hearing their complaining anymore. Only host can read those posts (or if there is some other in the lobby waiting from the selection).

Please spread this information to other pp2 forums.
Title: Vs: Speed cheating
Post by: Olka01 on February 03, 2014, 14:59:58
There is another problem. There is one player who does something and network game stops working. Need to restart the game. Autoban/ban does not help. What to do?
Title: Vs: Speed cheating
Post by: Janne -Procyon- on February 03, 2014, 21:14:21
It's been a matter of time when someone starts purposely attacking PP2 servers. My initial guess is that the weakness could be in the web-page interface (HTTP) of PP2 server (info & admin page). Even some generic HTTP attacking tools could have been used to find the issue. I noticed this risk already when creating the feature and added a way to disable the whole web-interface in the server. In the Settings.dat, replace:
HostHttpPage = Yes  --> No
and then start ProPilkki2.

Downside of this is of course that web-interface is not working anymore (infopage and admin page). Of course the issue can still be outside HTTP, but this could be tried as a first-aid. Hopefully we somehow and somewhere get more details about this attack, so the attack can be blocked in future releases. Also the information if disabling HostHTTPPage helps or not would be very useful to us.
Title: Vs: Speed cheating
Post by: Mikko_-Procyon- on February 06, 2014, 23:31:11
This fix will not help, because that guy who is attacking uses some sort of ddos -stylish system.

Just criminal action against pp2 hosts. To get rid of this kind of guys means a LOT of extra work for us. Please keep on eye on these actions. Lets get discussion going on, what can be done to resolve this problem.
Title: Vs: Speed cheating
Post by: Mikko_-Procyon- on February 08, 2014, 13:21:02
Thanks for the debug/crash logs. We found the thing that collapses during ddos attacks. Patch will be released soon (few weeks maybe). We also get new ideas to get rid of speed cheating, because current feature is not enough (and tightening of it leads to false alarms induced by normal network changes). Moreover, we may change games to be shared to "official" and "unofficial". It means that in "official games" player HAVE TO BE connected to the records database. This is how we use administrator tools to the players that are violating the rules of Pp2. For now, there is no such possibility to limit players actions (only hosts can use kick/ban).