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Title: ProPilkki 2 version 1.5 released
Post by: Mikko_-Procyon- on October 28, 2019, 21:40:25
Pro Pilkki 2 v1.5 publishing has been started in following platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10 and Linux host. PC installer for Win7/8/XP will be released a bit later. Version 1.5 will add a completely new single player game mode: Team captain game. You are a team captain and along with your own fishing, you need to guide your team bot members to tactically good locations for maximizing the team’s total catch. You can also set names and skill levels for all the players freely.

Network game hosting has been improved with new commands (/autobots, /resultlogdays, /adminhello, /A). Host info page is available in json-format. This enables easier embedding of your host’s information in to your personal home page, as an example. Version 1.5 network game is fully compatible with previous release (1.4.x).

Happy ice fishing season!
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