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Propilkki in english / v.1.0.X Comments and questions
« on: April 15, 2013, 22:16:20  »
I recently updated my version to the latest ( I hadn't played the game for 2-3 years, and I have moved from Greece to Germany during this time).
I am very impressed ! Great update, nice features, I also enjoyed the few network games I played (even though I have to improve my knowledge of languages from the Baltic region   :-D ).
I also made a small donation today which I plan to repeat in the future, I hope enough people donate because the quality of the program and the effort of the developers is priceless.

And some questions/comments:
1. Most of the time I use the big (blue) driller, for the obvious reason that it makes a bigger hole and you don't have issues with bigger fish. Are there any disadvantages when using this ? F.ex you can't drill in shallower water, it scares little fish away, it becomes slippery ?
2. Are there language files for the game. I could translate it to German (Greek too but I think I am the only greek who knows about ice fishing  :-D )
3. One question because I have no real ice fishing experience. Depending on the lure and fish, sometime they bite during jigging , sometime when you make the pauses. Are there any lures that you must use only in constant jigging (without stops) or otherwise it will scare the fish away ?

Thanks again and cheers,


Propilkki in english / Fish snapping the line and some more questions
« on: September 15, 2008, 14:46:22  »
Greetings to all from sunny Greece !
The game is excellent ( I had also played the original Propilkki back then (after spending some time to find everything in Finnish  :-D ) but Nr.2 is really great !).
I have one question regarding big fish. When they snap the line is it based barely in luck (random event) or can I do something the prevent it (the + - drag button is for future release I presume) ? One  a 15' tournament I caught 3 pikes 150 - 800 gr in a row then 3 fishes snapped the line.
Another question regarding jigging. Since I'm not at all familiar with ice fishing (rather difficult in Athens  :-D ) are there many different ways to do it ?
I noticed that I catch some fish (mostly perch,ruffe and white fish) without jigging at all, I also caught many fish jigging fast then stopping for some seconds and then repeating if necessary? Are there any other ways ? Is they way I described the same for vertical lures and spoons ?
Thank you all in advance and sorry for the question storming  :-D

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