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Propilkki in english / Locations of Propilkki lakes in real life
« on: May 24, 2011, 22:42:35  »
As far as I understand, all lakes of Propilkki game can be found in real life, right? If not all then at least some of them.

I'm going to visit Finland after ~2 weeks and my route probably would look like this:

Can any of game lakes be found somewhere around my route (I can change it a bit if it's needed)? I don't have time for fishing [ :-(] but it would be a great pleasure at least to take a photo near some Niemisjarvet or so :)

Thanks for any help.

Propilkki in english / New lakes in v.0.8.
« on: February 25, 2011, 15:00:40  »
Hi there!

Thanks for the new version of game but I've got a problem with it :( I hope you could give me an advice how to solve it.
Since I haven't got widescreen monitor, I could play v.0.85. only in windowed mode. It's not very comfortable actually. I tried to change resolution to 640x480 in settings to make game look like v.0.8. I managed to get similar screen but graphics somehow look worse.  :-(

1st question - can I change resolution somehow (except that 640x480) to play normally with 4:3 screen?

2nd question - what if I put new lakes in v.0.8. lakes folder? I tried to do it and everything seems to work normally - I can play them, I catch fish and so on... I understand that I will be able to play multiplayer only with players with same "modified" game but it's the best solution so far for me.

Any comments on this?

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