Author Topic: Propilkki 2 v. 0.95 released!  (Read 12636 times)

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Propilkki 2 v. 0.95 released!
« on: November 21, 2012, 22:49:25 »
The new version of the game is now released!

Here is the list of improvements:

1)   New lake "Viitalampi"
2)   Various command line parameters added to start the autohost and configure it:
-help : Show help page
-host : Starts network game host automatically
-nopublic : Do not report to public hostlist
-playername "name" : Set name (or player profile) to use for host player
-playerpassword "password" : Password for player (if used)
-gamepassword "password" : Set password for network game
-adminpassword "password" : Set admin-password for network game
-hostpassword "password" : Set host-password (WEB-host-page)
-hello "hello text" : Hello text to show in startup.
3)   Game hosts can be accessed with web-browser (info page). Address to access the info page is http://[host-ip-address]:4500 or from public host list: Info page is not visible for password protected hosts.
4)   4)   If admin-password is defined, info page contains a link to admin page, which administrators can use to access the game chat and configure the game with chat-commands. Password is given as:
User: admin
Password: [password]
5)   If host-password is defined, info page contains a link to host page, which allows host to access the game chat and configure the game with chat-commands. Password is given as:
User: host
Password: [password]
6)   New chat command /exit added to closes the whole program. This allows shutting down the game remotely with admin web page without the need of remote-desktop connection
7) Unban chat command supports removing ban from single user
8 )   List of players inside host is available when selecting the network game.
9) Resolved issues with IP address visibility and troubles with post-joining the network game (v0.92)
10) Occasional disappearing of the fish in network game fixed.
11) Rare host crash fixed, when two players quit the host simultaneously.
12) Single player cup ”Competition is being finished..” –freezing fixed.
13) alt+tab issues fixed (some display adapters)
14) Other small graphical fixes and improvements.

You can download the game here:
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