Author Topic: Propilkki in todays Savon Sanomat  (Read 7868 times)

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Propilkki in todays Savon Sanomat
« on: February 03, 2008, 12:14:59 »

This is nice,anyone who can take a shortcut in English?  :-D


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Vs: Propilkki in todays Savon Sanomat
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2008, 01:13:34 »
Well. Crappy translation of the main text follows: ?->means propably there is a better translation for this.

MH is laughing. He is supposed to tell how it all begun.

- Together with Janne when we were young we were playing this game/play where we covered all the furniture with white blankets and other went under the table or chair while the other was trying to find the fish by poking with ice-fishingrod?

Kaajani-born friends MH&JO play turned out a game that has cathed hundreads of thousands of players.

The game has been downloaded for over 180000 computer direclty from our server and the game is also distributed through other sites like and foreign ones especially in Russia. Therefore actual figures are impossible to tell.

First ice-fishing game PP1 was born in 1998

Pre-version was made for Commodore64. Janne did animation where ice-fishingrod? goes to the whole and we instantly realized that we could build game on that. The game was released in the intranet of University of Oulu and somehow it spread from there. One day we noticed that Mikrobitti (famous and big Finnish computer magazine) selected the game as months Finnish game. The popularity was immense, MH tells.

You can't run on clearice?

H&O have updated the game every two years.

- My responsibility is the logic, functions, planning and making the maps/lakes. Janne is in charge of programming. Specialized pros are doing sounds and graphics.

Just now Procyon Products is preparing update to PP2.

- Better graphics, new lakes, improvement to chat, higher resolutin are on their way. Some new features are also being introduced like clearice? where you can't run, MH tells.

About new lakes MH tells that some of them are real, some of them not, some names have been changed and some lakes don' have original/realistic fish population?.

Yes, nothing is left under coincidence? in PP. Circumstances are made realistic considering all aspects from fish populations to the shape of the lakebottoms?.

- We are also planning that characters get better through experience. Good results would create better equipment/gear and characters walking fitness would increase the more he/she plays. Also changing worms would become faster as the character gets experience. Happo tells.

Internet gaming was made possible in November.

You can join the game if you know IP addres of any host. For example site contains these addresses.

The biggest fish is yet to catch

The idea is that the game is as realistic as it can get.

There are lakes to choose. You can make wholes wherever you want. Then you choose a lure? and you can even adjust the position of the worm. Fish is coming if it is on the mood, just like in real life.

- The biggest fishes that people have cathed are around 7kgs. There is a big pike in one lake, but no-one has catched it yet. Fish over 3kg are very hard to get.

All biggest catches are also recorded to forums. Internet ice-fishing Finnish championships have also been competed.

- Competitions are on their way again this year. There in only one limit on participating. You have to sit in front of your computer with awls? hanging around your neck. Without those I wouldn't go on the ice laughs MH.

LOL. It isn't too good translation but will do as I am too tired. Hope this helps! :-D
Tahdon saada suuren..


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Re: Propilkki in todays Savon Sanomat
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2008, 17:31:21 »
Thank you for the translation! It was good enough for me! :-) Nice to get to know a little bit more about what's coming up next!


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Re: Propilkki in todays Savon Sanomat
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2008, 23:15:46 »
Thanks alot :wink: More than good enough  for me too :-D
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