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Fish snapping the line and some more questions
« on: September 15, 2008, 14:46:22 »
Greetings to all from sunny Greece !
The game is excellent ( I had also played the original Propilkki back then (after spending some time to find everything in Finnish  :-D ) but Nr.2 is really great !).
I have one question regarding big fish. When they snap the line is it based barely in luck (random event) or can I do something the prevent it (the + - drag button is for future release I presume) ? One  a 15' tournament I caught 3 pikes 150 - 800 gr in a row then 3 fishes snapped the line.
Another question regarding jigging. Since I'm not at all familiar with ice fishing (rather difficult in Athens  :-D ) are there many different ways to do it ?
I noticed that I catch some fish (mostly perch,ruffe and white fish) without jigging at all, I also caught many fish jigging fast then stopping for some seconds and then repeating if necessary? Are there any other ways ? Is they way I described the same for vertical lures and spoons ?
Thank you all in advance and sorry for the question storming  :-D
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Vs: Fish snapping the line and some more questions
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2008, 15:37:09 »
Hi there!

Some quick answers here.

Line snapping.. mostly this is luck/unluck thing. Bigger fishes snap line more easily. Pike has the sharpest teeth, but also some other species can cut the line. Now you have only 1 rod to use, which is quite light set for pike fishing, which means also many lost lures in areas full of pikes. In 0.7 there is new rod available, which has stronger line. It will help you a little bit with "average sized pikes".

+ and -  symbols wont do anything with fish handling now.. these are planned to be as a indicators of temperature.. If player gets cold, then movements are slow (detaching fish, inserting maggot etc takes more time). And when its too hot, then your character cant run anymore etc etc.. +/- are used in this kind of situations, like "+" at cold and windy day makes your character to wear mittens  etc etc etc etc.. It will be available later.

Jigging.. there are lots of ways to do it. Too much movements (too large, too frequent) gives a "scare effect" to fishes. Ideal movements attracts fishes from distances. Rare movements have lower effects. But in crowd these normal things are not the same anymore. ..and everything depends on the lure you are using. Their weight and size has a large effect with jigging style also. I will not give you detailed information, but maybe other players have some experiences to tell you.
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Re: Fish snapping the line and some more questions
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2008, 16:20:57 »
Many many thanks Mikko ! I experimented a lot with the movements and slowly I'm getting the hang of it.  :-D
This one was 700gr. and also a Rainbow trout of 1.199 Kg !

And some recent real life picture (3 weeks ago on vacations in Denmark). Spinning in lakes and rivers with my cousin (who lives in West Jyttland).

Brook Trouts 1,2 Kg - 1,9 Kg.

and salmon in Skjern A. 72cm 3,8Kg

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Vs: Fish snapping the line and some more questions
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2008, 15:31:14 »
Nice brookies!  :-o :-o