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My name is Adam and I came to Finland to Oulu to study here. I know that i have to buy 2 licences to fishing but i don't know when i can catch any species, and what size is under protection.  Please if you have any materials in English or if you have a little time to write it Please,

I'am mostly interested in Salmon, Bulltrout, trout, grayling, pike, perch, pikeperch (and what i can also catch here on spinning) and tench, bream on float

Best Regards

Hi! From this link you can find Goverments official information,_game_reindeer/Recreational_fishing.html

Are you studying in University? In that case next I will give you University' fishing club/society's contacts: They have several ice fishing competitions during winter and one bigger event on 22.03.2009 klo 10:00.

Do you prefer ice fishing, flyfishing or maybe angling? When you will detailm more closely I can give you more tips...

BR, Timo

Hi thank's a lot :-)

Yes I am study at University, Department of Geography :-)
About fishing.. so i never fishing in icehole but before i come here i buy special rod with hope that i find somewere nice hole ;-) and i would try,
 and about flyfishing ... its my dream... i want to try... but i haven't any equipment... and enough knowledge :(

but now interested me angling the most :-)

Where do you live in oulu.. I can't see any problems if we take you to icefish with us in some weekend if you want and are interested.. You can try with my rods so if you dont like it, you dont need to buy your own equipments. :) And you dont need any licenses for icefishing in oulu.


In Yliopistokatu 14, I come here on one semester and i really if there is no problem i would like to go with you to ice fishing. Here is my skype: adam_wojak and on facebook you can also find me :-)

If the invitation is still actually please contact me :D


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