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Hello all.
I was thinking about trying to catch a Salmon (lohi) during next summer. I need tips on where to fish, I live in Oulu but willing to travel. I want to fish in rivers. Would be nice to go northernmost parts of finland or kuusamo-area. But of course Oulu area is great too.

I also need tips on what lures to use, I love rapalas and similar crankbaits. Please give me tips on models and colors to use.

Best Regards!

Mr Ponu:
  Here is few links, which can be useful for you:

One possible place to catch salmon which is also fairly close to Oulu, is the Kemijoki delta area. I tried a few years ago but never caught one. On the other hand my fishing gear mightn't be strong enough for 10+ kg fish and I didn't have a boat to use, so it's not a big surprise.

I saw a few salmons leaping anyway and talked to a few fishermen who had caught them, so they exist. :) The fishing licence costs something like 15 e/day and 50 e/fishing season if I remember correctly and the prices haven't gone up.

In Oulujoki (delta area) you can catch some, too. No idea about how common it is but it's possible!

The most legendary place in Finland to catch salmon is Tenojoki from which I don't have any experience at all.

for all salmon fishermans theres many rivers to go . example: tenojoki,näätämön joki and kemijoki. i have fished every year on teno and i have catched many salmon from it. so if u are looking for salmon i say tenojoki is the river for that job.


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