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Update 1.06 released
« on: September 25, 2013, 14:35:16 »
Upgrade to v1.0.6 available

ProPilkki v1.0.6 update is available: (~1 MB)

At least v1.0.3 is required to be installed before this update (can be found from download page).

Updates v1.0.4 - v1.0.6 have been publicly available for testing on discussion formum, change history below:

New in version 1.0.4
1) Fix for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game. Behaviour is now identical for the host and clients. Big fish are now practically always fitting up from a bigger drill hole (6").
2) Support for Wiimote controller in fishing.It is recommended to use Wii Motion Plus to get more precise rod movements. First establish the Bluetooth connection between Wiimote and PC, then start Pro Pilkki 2. If controller is deteced, it is noted on the startup screen. Note: Wiimote might not work with all Bluetooth adapters.
3) Fixed /game -command issues related to game types at night
4) Fixed /lures -command parameters. Command is now allowed from autohost.ini
5) Fixed several crashes with help of automatic bug reports.

New in version 1.0.5
1) More fixes for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game and occasional missing fish from the final results.
2) Support added for embedded Motion Plus (new Wiimote controller). Note! User is fully responsible of everything when using Wiimote-controller with Propilkki. The autohors of the Propilkki are taking no responsibility of possible damage/harm caused to involved computer, Wii-controller, player and/or environment.
3) Fixed non-standard HTTP messages and improved the compatibility with firewall and anti-virus software.
4) Fixed too bright fishing rod (issue in 1.0.4).

New in version 1.0.6
1) Fix for fishing rod moving itself with Wii Motion Plus.
2) Fix for lost fish in extreme network jamming situation.
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