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Fishing in Kuopio


Dear readers of this forum.

I am living now a couple of months in Finland and i have started my old hobby again fishing.
I got some stuff from my home country the Netherlands and was wondering where in the neighbourhood of Kuopio is a good spot for fishing for bream or big roach.

I am a real white fish angler and i am fishing with a feeder or method feeder. And probably also in the next few weeks also with a long pole. 12,5 meter and a float rod.

Is there anybody who can give me advise where to go.

Thanks for the answers

In the middle of the city there is a average size pond called Valkeinen. It is perfect place for angling because of its large variety of species.

Large roach maybe hard to find, but perches from minimal to >1kg. Breams are also hard to locate but Tench (700-1500g), crucian carp (even 1-2kg), rainbow trout (about 1kg), whitefish (not easy catch from coast) etc etc... There have been caught >10kg pikes too and some rumours are about carps (5-7kg), but these are rare.

Let me know more about yourself (e.g. private message), if there is some extratime, I may have time to guide you.

There are several other places too that are worth of trying, but this Valkeinen is absolutely easiest location. Are you working at the university?

Tx for the advise i will send you a private message. I have already been fishing in a lake called Savilahti nearby the hospital. Had a lot of bites there but because i am targeting bigger fish ( i am fishing with pellets and mini-boillies) there where a lot of false bite's. I think i had some 10 smaller roach that toke a 6 mm boilie. Didint think they would take that by the way if you see the mouth of those little ones.  :?


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