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Hello, i am planning to come fish in Finland in February and already booked a house at the lake Juurusvesi (Pelonniemi). Now i am looking online and i am not sure if i need some special permits to fish there or not? I only plan to ice fish but dont want any trouble from inspectors, if needed i can buy the permit also, but most pages say i dont need one for ice fishing.
ALso maybe there is some page where i can see from map, if i need a special permit or not in any lake on the map?
Also are there are some lakes nearby (max 100km from there you would recommend, i really love pike and perch but if there is some special trout places nearby i would mind those either ;) ).

I sure hope that Juurusvesi is not closed for fishing for winters...

Mr Ponu:
  Hello!   You have got right information,  you dont need special permits for icefishing.  Whole Juurusvesi is free for you, if you use only one rod at the time.  Special licence is needed  some lakes and ponds, link here: 

There is one pond (Suuri Kangaslampi) quite near Pelonniemi, where you need special licence. There is  rainbow trout, whitefish, perch and pike  in that pond, no brown trout. Local flyfishing club takes care of Suuri Kangaslampi and also sells licences. You can also buy licence from local gas station (Vartiala) few kilometers from Suuri Kangaslampi.

Super thanks for very fast reply!


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