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The Game itself :)
« on: January 16, 2017, 17:17:13 »
hi there every one :) !
i have never bother about makeing a discussion about this game on the forum but i belive i reached that point :)

i have been playing this game on and off for many years :) despite the other fancy fishing games with extra efects i allways go back to propilkki becouse of its vibe and the mechanics !! fells more realistic.

but im kinda sad that this game is in the current state like i was for many years ago not bashing on you developers dont get me wrong here :) but there is so many idés out there for making this game the best of the best for the kids , pros, and real fishermans.

your mechanics are AWESOME !! when you are catching a perch that weights 500g + its realy feels like a rear moment and you jump form you chair :) !
but i was thinkig of sharing my idés witch maby you will concider in the bright future :)

it would be nice to have some currency in the game :) buying equipment,baits something to work very hard for ..
it would be nice to have some mechanics that decide how fast or how slow you are unhooking the fish ( the skill, the weather conditions) those guys like my self who took part irl in a competition know this stuff :) how fast you are unhooking the fish to try to catch another one :)
it would be very very nice to have some server that are focusing on the competition between the players who are willing to take part and showing their skills :) with some reward system ( for exemple : baits, equipment, currency :)
would be nice to have some mechanics whenever you are snaping the line your tackle is gone and if you dont have multiple tackles in the stock of the same sort you have to equip something else :) ( going back to the point of reward system)

i realy realy love your game !! and i hope that you will not ditch this game to the forgotten world !!! you have great potentials !!! 


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Vs: The Game itself :)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2017, 19:13:32 »
Hi, and thanks for your comment!

We have been a little bit mysterious during this year about what we are creating. The new version is under production and there is a lot of new improvements, especially for single player mode. This is because of Android version needs more.. and there have not been anything new for single player mode for years.

What comes to your ideas.. they were very nice and many of those have been considered to be added to the game later. However, currency is not coming to the game. We are not interested about "buying better devices", because we want to keep players at the same line (it is more interesting game by that way).  However, unhooking etc lots of features are still on "job to do" list, but those needs still more time. This new addition to single player mode is one step towards it, but.. it will not be added to the next version yet. It is more than 10 years ago, when I wrote these features and have them in my desktop ready to be added to the game. Dedicated servers are also thought to be added someday. We have lots of ideas for those :)  ..and I really mean "a lot".
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