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Rules of the world championships of 2022
« on: September 19, 2021, 17:00:54 »

Rules are published earlier this time, so countries have more time to do preparations. Format is significantly different, so please READ IT CAREFULLY! Thank you.


Games are played at time of Finland (UTC+2) Helsinki.,166,262,239,367,187,720,242

Games will start at 20.00 and also at 17.00 time of Finland. Gamedays are on Wednesdays and Sundays. This information will be explained in more detail, when the match schedule is published. Possible changes are informed if needed.

Last date for a team application is: ----  will be announced later.

Tournament starting date: -----  Approximately one week after the nations cup has ended, date will be announced later ( starting probably in march).


Tournament`s mainforum is If does not work properly because of it`s recent server issues etc.  is used as spare forum. Information will be told if needed.

Each team has max capacity of 14 players. Any country is invited to take part. Only ONE team from each country! Players cannot be changed after the told deadline. Substitutions are allowed between maps. Team should take care, that they have player who has host available and a person, who can understand English.

Team`s captain is the contact person, unless captain has named somebody else. Team information must show the captains, other players and contact person info clearly.

Example of team application                           

Team name: Finland
Clothes color: №23

----------- © 
----------- (A) 
----------- (A) 


contact person:


Team who hosts the game, informs the IP-address into this thread (at the latest 15 minutes before the game starts). Host must open 15 minutes before the game begins.

Primarily, home team hosts the game. If they can`t host the game for some reason, opponent can do it also. Home team must send the playlogs into this thread, regardless they host the game or not. Final and Bronze game will be played at neutral hosts who are not playing (named later).

Couple minutes before the game starts, host must set a password to the game. Password is informed in a public chat of the game. Set English password. We must prevent possible troublemakers during the game.

There is always 5min break between the maps.

Host has to ask in a public chat ”go?” when 5min timer is in 0.00. Teams answer ”yes”, ”go” or something which tells clearly (in English) the answer. Team can also ask ”1 min please” if they need extra time for something. You can`t ask more extra time during the same break. Host`s network records will always be OFF. Remember to enable the  /lures all command!


If player`s connection is lost during the map, player is out of the match. Player can return to the game, but team is not allowed to substitute a new player during the map. If problems occur more than 4 players during the start, there will be a 1 restart. If the same player is continually  having problems with start, no restart is performed.

If the host crashes during the lake, lake will be played again. If host is going to be changed, inform the new IP-address in a currently used forum, unless opponent has received it.


Format is 10 vs 10 , position points are the same as in Nations Cup, but without biggest fish point  ( 14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1). For a victory team receives 2 points, for a draw 1 point, for a defeat  0 points. If some players take the same place, points are scored according to taken places, for example, 3 players take 3rd place, each player receive 10 points.


Teams are randomized into a two groups. Every team plays one game against their group`s teams. Two best teams from both groups are going to the semifinals. Starting groups include 3x30 maps per round. If teams are having same amount of points, mutual game decides the order.

Quarterfinal will not be played unless there are at least 11 teams in a tournament! If this occurs, 4 teams from each group are going to the quarterfinals. Quarterfinals include the same pattern as in semifinals.



Semifinal is the best of 5 maps. Team has to win 3 maps in total to be able to go to the finals. After 3 map wins, there is no need to continue the game.

SEMI-GAME 1= 2x30
SEMI-GAME 2 ( played as long as needed)= 3x30


Final is the best of 7 maps. Team has to win 4 maps in total to become a world champion. After 4 map wins, there is no need to continue the game.

FINAL-GAME 1= 3x30
FINAL-GAME 2 ( played as long as needed)= 4x30

Bronze = 3x30 (1 game.) Bronze game includes same maps as in FINAL-GAME 1.


In every stage of the tournament are 30min maps. Map sizes are categorized into small, medium and large per game at the group stage. Medium and large maps are prefered in playoffs, but special game type can be small sized lake. Every full round includes all seasons (autumn, winter and spring).

The lottery of the maps will be done with excel. Someone neutral help organizer (named later) will monitor the event. The presence of a witness is always guaranteed that the main organizer has the opportunity to participate in the tournament. All maps are revealed one week before the tournament begins (at the latest).

There will be a special game type in every round. Several different game types are played during the tournament, but most of the maps are ”all species/normal.”

Banned game types= Biggest fish, Biggest carp family fish, 3 biggest fish, only rainbow trout, Silver bream ( only weight) and any zander/pike game type.

Few notes about the special game types:

    • ”Most species” favors larger maps, which has wide variety of species. Map is always at spring to confirm the availability of different species and tactics.
    • Burbot map is guaranteed in tournament.
    • Evening mode can only be with special game type, but autumn-evening (1-3) is not possible in any situation.


Public chat is allowed to use during the map, but private messaging is recommended. If there is a need to communicate with opponent, use language what everyone can understand. English is highly recommended to avoid misunderstanding. Do not use any chat to disturb opponent.

Everything related to these rules depends about the case`s nature . All cases are handled individually, so it is not possible to give the most specific rules, because we have to check all cases with a wide point of view. Below are simple examples:

Too much players on the ice= Team has 1 minute time limit to react to mistake and delete one player. If the mistake is not fixed until the map has proceed one minute, team will automatically lose the map. Regardless what happens, map will be played completely to the end.

Bad behavior, verbal abuse= Warning or suspension for one game, second time will lead two game`s suspension.

Threatening, racism, etc. so called serious actions= Suspension for 3-4 games. If the whole team is founded guilty, team is thrown out of the tournament. IP-addresses of players will be investigated if needed.

Wrong settings, but right map= If the hosting team selects wrong settings to the map, they will lose the map automatically, unless the map is restarted and fixed before 3 minutes has gone by.

Right map, but in wrong order= In starting groups, first time leads to the warning, second time automatic loss of the map. In playoffs, automatic loss happens every time,  unless the map is restarted and fixed before 3 minutes has gone by.


Team has a 24 hour time limit to send the protest about the results or something else after the game has ended. Protest must send to the main organizer (Tonza_888) via private message in or Protest will be checked and the solution comes out before the next match. Chatlogs, screenshots etc. are recommended and even required in some cases, but they don`t guarantee protest`s approval.

All cases will be dealt among the organizers and Mikko -Procyon- has the last decision if needed. There is no possibility to complain about the decisions.


Tournament uses latest release of the game. Player can also use mobile version of the game. During this tournament, minimum requirement is 1.7 version. If a new version is released during the tournament, it may be downloaded, but it is not mandatory. If new lake has appeared during the current season, that map will not be included to the tournament.


Read the rules carefully, because this is the first time of the longer world championships format. Goal is to create a continuous event about this, which has an ability to give the challenge and duration, what players have been asking for a long time. Over two months of work has been put into this format. Every single factor has been taken into account to create the future of international competition. Is yours nation ready to take the challenge?

Sincerely Tonza_888: main organizer of the tournament.
Havi jr: help organizer
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