Frequently asked questions FAQ (updated October 2018)

At first, it is recommended to read the ‘Release notes’ file attached to the game. It includes lot of game instructions. It can be opened by pressing ”What is new in this version?” in the bottom part of the game main menu.

The aim of this page is to give answers to those questions we are being asked most frequently. If you do not find a solution to your problem here, at the game forum, or at the Facebook pages you may ask help from the game community, too.

Kalassa.net discussion board:

Facebook group:

If the solution is not found anywhere you may also ask by email. Getting answer may take some time due to flooded folders. However, the most prompt answer is usually got from the game forums, which may exist even on your own language.

1. Frequently asked questions:

1)  What is the meaning of the meter with + and – symbols?

Symbols have been removed from the latest releases and replaced with other actions, as flash light and camera view.

2)  Is it possible to fall through the ice at the game?

This was planned to be one feature of the game but most probably it is not going to be added. We don’t want to encourage players for risk taking regards to thin ice.

3) Is there still going to be more fish species in the game?

At present, the game includes all the fish species that are planned to be in it. Adding new species is not totally excluded from future plans, but it is highly unlikely at the moment.

4) Is there going to be more lakes?

More lakes are being added within update patches. Our aim is to release 2 to 4 lakes in every patch. New lakes are created as long as the game itself is under development.

5) Why are there only a couple of lures available even though there are several empty slots?

In a single player short cup you get lures as trophies. Note that when starting a new short cup you have to start the collecting again from the beginning. If you want to play a single game with all lures available, you need to create a multi-player game and prevent other players from joining your server (for example with a password or by keeping the game private). After this, give a command ‘/lures all’ and choose the number of computer players to be added to the game. In a multi-player game the host decides what lures are available. You can start with the same lures as normally in single player game or use some other settings. The usual choices are ‘lures all’ or ‘random lures’. The host may also choose the lures one by one. More instructions for the host commands can be found on ‘Release notes’ or on Pro Pilkki discussions.

6) Does Pro Pilkki 2 cost anything?

The PC version of Pro Pilkki is free of charge. The mobile applications of the game cost about 4€ or 4$. Currently game is available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

7) If the game is free of charge, is it possible to donate money for it?

Yes. If you want to support the game development click the link on the top of this web page, or you may also use PayPal, and click “donate”. All donations are used for development of the game and they are essential for guaranteeing the functionality of the game on different platforms in the future, too.

8) Is there (going to be) codes in the game?

There are no codes and there won’t be any codes. Let’s keep the game clear and lures shiny.

9) Why some of the menu texts are shown in gray?

That particular action is not allowed at the moment. On trial versions on mobile, most of the actions are not included. You get the rest of the features activated by purchasing the full game.

10) Where can I buy the full version of the game?

The last version of Pro Pilkki 2 is found for free on our web pages (PC). A suitable version for Windows phones can be downloaded from Windows Application Store, and for Android devices from Play-store.

11) Would you create our home lake to the game?

We know that everyone would love to have their own home lakes to the game, but making a lake requires a lot of time. In addition, many players don’t want to play on almost identical lakes, so we need to choose between interesting lakes and so called normal lakes. This is the greatest reason we make only a few wishes true.  A big share of the lakes is created by imagination to maintain the interest.

12) Does this-and-this- lake exist in real life and where can I find them in real world?

Only part of the lakes exists in real world. Some of the lake names have been changed, and we have added fish species that do not normally exist into some lakes. We need to bend the realism a bit in the game world; players would not necessarily find a game interesting where 90 percent of the catch would consist of small perch.

13) Would you add a store into the game where it would be possible to purchase more equipment?

No. So many games in general are based on commercialism. Because the nature of our game is non-commercial the store is not added into the game. Adding a store would eventually lead into a battle of gathering achievements or credits. The focus of the game is to compete in ice fishing, not in gaining trophies.

14) Is it possible to use game controllers?

Yes it is, but not with all of them. The most usual xbox controllers ar not yet supported, but we are planning to proceed into this direction, too. Instead, it is possible to play the game with the first generation Nintendo Wii controller that is equipped with a separate WiiMotion+ expansion device. The controller is connected to a PC by BlueTooth.  It is also possible to use a self-built controller connected to a serial port. (For this, separate instructions coming soon.)

2. Technical support:

1) Why are there some odd lines around letters in game menus?

The reason usually lies within graphics cards and their setting. Search your operating system for a page where you can change the settings of the graphic card.  Make sure that following Direct3D settings are off or in mode “application preference”:

–          Anisotrophic filtering

–          Smoothvision ™

–          Alternate pixel center (compatibility settings)

2) There is some purple color around trees, hole, and some fish. Why?

This problem is usually linked to graphics card drives. Update the drivers at the manufacturer’s web site. If you are using the latest drive version, and the problem has not occurred previously, restore the previous driver version that is known to function.

3) Why am I allowed to play only some of the competitions and the other choices are shown in gray?

If you are using a mobile version you have installed a so-called trial version, which is intended for testing the functionality and usability of the game on your device. You can purchase the full version of the game in Play store or Windows store.

4) How can I join the network records?

Start this process by creating a player in the game. In player set up a functioning email is requested, and a code is sent to that address. This code should be typed to the field reserved. After that you login into the records system (login button is on the same screen). The game gives an announcement when the login has succeeded. You can use the same player with the same code also on other devices; mobile and PC.  If login or getting password is not succeeded, for a reason or another, wait a half an hour and start the process over. Unfinished registrations are automatically removed from the system and thereafter the name is again available for another attempt. Your achievements are saved to network records only if they are played on ‘trusted host’ servers.

5) How can I get a ‘trusted host’ status?

You can get the ‘trusted host’ only by an invitation from the game author. You can request that status at kalassa.net forum (https://kalassa.net/keskustelut/index.php?topic=26804.msg432377), at Pro Pilkki 2 facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/5903948051/), or ask for it by email. We will send an invitation as soon as we notice the request. We wish that a person applying for a ‘trusted host’ status has hosted games before the request, so we would know that it is technically possible. Note, that it is not yet possible to host the game with mobile devices, only on PC and Raspberry PI.

6) How do I get my host to operate?

There is lot of discussion on this issue in Finnish: https://kalassa.net/keskustelut/index.php?topic=17264.0

Usually this requires adjusting settings of a modem. Each modem manufacturer has its own user interface. Therefore, it is impossible to give general instructions. In a nut shell, the process is as follows:

–          Open management page of the modem in your browser (for example

–          Give the login and password to your modem. Default values are in the instructions manual.

–          Add routing rule from outside world port 4500 (WAN – wide area network) to IP address of hosting computer port 4500 (LAN – local area network).

–          Save the settings, re-start the modem, if needed.

In addition:

–          computers in internal network often change the IP address every time they are re-started. Therefore you should define a fixed IP address (in computer’s network settings) or define in management page of the modem to give a certain IP for the hosting computer at every start.

–          for ZyXel modems a video example is found in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OVYC37BQZg

Hosting a game with mobile devices or with a 3G/4G modem is usually not possible because a service provider does not provided a public IP address, which means that connection to the device cannot be made from outside.  Hosting with a mobile device or with a 3G/4G modem may also be prohibited by the service provider.

7) Other applications?

It is possible to use other applications with the game to facilitate gaming. One known application is ‘pp2buddy’ which is used for calculating points in games played in teams (https://kalassa.net/keskustelut/index.php?topic=24324.0). There are also other applications available, such as a script tool for hosts (http://teamkn.net/index.php/pro-pilkki-2/pp2-autoscirpti-sovellus) and a tool for choosing lures (http://teamkn.net/index.php/pro-pilkki-2/pp2-pilkin-valinta).

8) I have lost my password to network records. Where can I restore it?

You can restore your password here: http://propilkki.ddns.net/propilkki2/P2_records/P2_records_user.php?lang=en

Type your email address, choose  ”Next” and click ”Forgotten your password?”

9) I’m not receiving any codes or other messages to my email. What should I do?

At first, check the junk mail folder because sometimes, for a reason or another, our messages end up there. You may also try creating an account with another email to test whether it works. Sometimes there is a minor lag in receiving a message. However, if the message has not arrived in an hour, it is possible that some other error has occurred. As a last option, contact the game authorities.

10) Why aren’t the network records functioning?

Functionality of the network records may vary due to traffic and unexpected errors. We try to keep the server in operation all the time but sometimes a maintenance break may take several days. In cases like that, we kindly ask our players for patience.

11) Can you add my record fish to the network records?

No, we can’t. The network records are protected and there are no reasons to start manipulating them.

12) Pro Pilkki 2 download is not functioning.

The game is distributed from servers and mirrors that are maintained voluntarily. If one of these servers stops functioning, the carousel sharing download links may send an error message. With highest probabilities the majority of the links are functioning, so it is worth to try again and see if the next link is available. We are asking our players to inform about the missing links that we can fix or remove them as soon as possible.

3. Future releases:

1) When is Pro Pilkki 2 complete?

The game already is in its final form. However, we keep on developing it as long as it has active players. Pro Pilkki 2 is one of the oldest games that still has an active players and a game community. Who knows what Pro Pilkki will look like in next twenty years!

2) Will the lake editor be available for players?

The lake editor is not going to be released, and future lakes will be composed by the game authors only. If, and only if, the lake editor would be released at some point, there would be restrictions for the amount and size of the fish. In other words, it would be possible to place predetermined school of fish into lakes, but nothing legendary specimen as THE pike in Matojoki (Pro Pilkki 1). In addition opening and modifying of existing lakes would be prevented. Those lakes would be in a totally different category and only available in “Single game” mode.

3) When will the next update be available?

New updates will be released at any time when required (for example in a case like a change in operating system causing malfunctioning of the game). Otherwise we fix minor bugs when they are found and release an update annually or biannually. With mobile devices, the environment is changing more rapidly and therefore updates may be needed more often.

4) You promised a schedule and did not stick to it. Why?

It is never easy to predict things. There always will be unpredictable issues along the process. We want to provide the best possible release, so sometimes it takes time to polish a diamond. In addition, there is lot of time needed for preventing possible problems. Decreasing possibilities in cheating for example with network records always requires lot of extra work. If all players were honest, no cheat prevention would be needed.

5) Will there be iOS version?

iOS version was released at September 2018. Go and get your own copy from App Store!