Team Procyon

Team Procyon

Mikko Happo (Game design, graphics)

Janne Olkkonen (Programming)

E-mail: propilkki [at]

Team Procyon is established in 1994 and is the first developer in the “genre of ice fishing games”. As an evidence, we have presented the most famous winter fishing game Pro Pilkki 2 (2003–) and its predecessor Pro Pilkki 1.42 (1997–1999). Our latest releases are Pro Pilkki 2 Mobile for Windows phones (2015) and Pro Pilkki 2 Mobile for Android (2016). The development work for Pro Pilkki 2 was initiated already in the year 2000 and it continues still. Team procyon has also developed a couple of other software products as Revontulipilkki ice fishing game (advertisement product) and a fishing diary program.


Tero Konttila – Menu background graphics
Timo Korhonen – Fish textures
Anssi Nousiainen – Clothes textures
Jussi Mäntylä – admin

Sound team:

Jari Ahola – Sound team leader/director, sound acting
Piia Mannisenmäki – sound acting
Jarkko Nyman – sound acting
Ville Tiihonen – sound acting
Toni Teivaala – Studiorecording and mixing
Sami Vaittinen – Mastering of samples


Country Joe & Rocketeers

Welski Kananen – Music team leader/director
Band members:
Welski Kananen – Composing and keys
Simo Salmela – Guitars
Heikki Lindström – Drums and percussion
Anu Hartikainen – Piano
Jouko Isokangas – Bass and fretless
Additional musicians: Emilia Aarnio – Cello
Jani "Q'mi" Karppinen – Recording, mixing and mastering in Siberia Simulator