Pro Pilkki 2 PC version v1.1.5


Pro Pilkki 2 PC version v1.1.5 is available:

This is an upgrade package. Please make sure that version 1.1 is previously installed.

Link to 1.1 full installer:

This update is “network game compatible” with version 1.1. If needed, reverting back to version 1.1 can be done by re-installing v1.1 full installer.

Pro Pilkki 2 v1.1.5 uses DirectX 11 graphics. Depending on the computer in use, this update may have positive or negative impact on 3d performance, compared to earlier versions of the game. Computers having new or relatively new hardware will have the most performance gain. Older computers with weak DirectX 11 hardware support are expected have decreased 3d-performance compared to earlier releases.

Increasing amount of new computers is reported to have issues with old DirectX 7 interface, causing invisible fonts, purple backgrounds etc with version 1.1. This version (v1.1.5) is reported to fix the issues.

Windows XP operating system is not supported anymore.

Changes summary v1.1 -> v 1.1.5

1) Graphics updated to use DirectX 11 interface:
                – More performance, especially with new computer hardware.
                – Reduced power need in CPU and display adapter.
                – Improved graphics scalability to various screen/window sizes
                – Windows XP is not supported anymore
                – Texture color depth increased to 32 bits
2) Improvements from mobile version are also included: player names visible on ice (can be disabled in settings),  ice area scrolling, improved flash light effect etc.
3) Full screen setting is remembered over application close and restart.
4) /Chat reg -command added: Only players registered to network records can send public chat messages.
5) Host fix for post-joining the lake in network game (device based).
6) Generic optimization for memory usage and loading speeds.
7) Multiplayer game chat window can be set to "always visible" (F1).


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