Pro Pilkki season 2015-2016


Season 2015-2016 is almost finished. Only few tournaments are still going on.

After a short, quiet time period from game authors, this latest season revealed many new features for Pro Pilkki 2 players. The most important thing was, of course, the release of Pro Pilkki 2 Mobile for Windows phones. We received extremely good response from players about that version. These responses encouraged us to work on Android version, which will be released sooner than we would have ever thought. Another important release was Pro Pilkki 2 version 1.1 release, which included several updates and bug fixes, but in addition three totally new lakes.

During next summer, we will continue to work on Android version of the game. Summertime is fulfilled with beta-testing and hopefully also release of the game. Our highest hope is that Android version of the game is fully working during next season. Moreover, we are planning to include some new updates and upgrades to Pro Pilkki, which means new 1.2. version to be published during season 2016-2017. We have many plans and we are looking forward to put a lot of effort to the game. One plan is to improve the single player mode of the game, which may gain the interest of many new players because of mobile release. We will work in secret with this, but something about our plans will be shown soon.

We had several official tournaments during season 2015-2016, and here are the new championships and medalists of those tournaments. Congratulations to all new winners and thanks to all players that joined our tournaments.

World Championships of Pro Pilkki 2 (Virtual Ice Fishing, or should we say eICEFISHING)

  1. Lithuania
  2. Latvia
  3. Belarus

Team Championships of Finland

  2. Procyon II
  3. KiKi

Championships of Finland

  1. Taavi Tumpelo
  2. Tonza
  3. ED

Kari Vesterinen is the man behind nick “Taavi Tumpelo”, and he is here personally congratulated for winning the tournament. This Finnish Championships is the biggest personal tournament that is played. Therefore, winning that contest is a sign of extremely high level trained player!

Procyon Products thanks all the players that have been having fun with Pro Pilkki 2 during the past season. See you in Android Application Store… soon 😉


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