ProPilkki 2 v1.1 released!


ProPilkki 2 v1.1 is now released, have fun!

New in this release:
1) New lakes: Ullavanjärvi, Kortejärvi and Muddusjärvi.
2) Exclusive full screen mode (display mode change) removed due to various incompatibility issues with display adapters and OS versions. Full screen mode uses now windowed (stretched) fullsceen.
3) New host chat command to turn public chat on or off. Only private and team messages are delivered: "/chat off"
4) New host chat command to select any lure combination: "/lures custom"
5) Host banned addresses are preserved even if the host is restarted.
6) Adjusted the probablities of line snapping and fish getting away.
7) Fish amount in lakes slightly increased. "Record-size" fish weights tuned slightly up.
8) Fixed issue of version 1.0.8 causing "mouse lag" with certain display adapters.
9) Network services (host list, network records) moved to a dedicated server.

Records played with Beta version have been removed from network records, so the situation is fare to everyone. Future will show how well the new records server will perform.

Corresponding update to mobile version is submitted to Windows Store and will be available in 1-2 days.


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