Pro Pilkki 2 v1.2 is released for Windows 10 in Microsoft Store


Pro Pilkki v1.2 is now available for Windows 10 in Microsoft Store:

In few days it will also show up when searching and browsing the store.

Version 1.2 includes the same features as this springs Android release:
– new lake: Räväjärvi, for single player and network game
– challenge game: complete given tasks and earn more content to play
– graphics performance optimized, DirectX 11 support
– two new lakes for single player games and new cup styles as a reward from challenge game
– support for touch screen use
– player position shown in the depth map
– new player colors
– new host commands /show and /hide to define if player info can be seen on ice
– Other minor improvements and fixes

Unfortunately the support for Windows 8.1 had to be dropped out from this store-release. Reason is that Windows 8.1 store applications "freeze"
if window is minimized, causing immediate connection lost issues in network game. Windows 10 does not have this fundamental limitation.

This release will be soon followed by Raspberry Linux Host v1.2 update. And as the traditional download-mirrors have been organized, standard windows installer for
v1.2 will be released. Due to the players' request, support also for DirectX7 is restored. This way the new version will run in XPs and old computers as well.

Good luck for the new challenge games!


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