Pro Pilkki 2 v1.4 releasing started


Releasing of the new version 1.4 has been started. First it will appear to Play Store (Android) and Microsoft Store (Windows 10). App Store (iOS), standard PC installer (Win7, Win8, XP), Linux hosts and Windows Phone will follow with some delay.

Compatibility reminder for the hosts: By default the new host will have all the new features enabled and only players with the new game version can join. To allow also the older game versions to join, please use host chat-command: /minver 1.3
and restart the host. With this setting new features, such as re-joining and preserving existing fish, are disabled. The game remembers this setting, it can be set back to default with a command: /minver off

New in version 1.4
– New lake: Palusjärvi
– Player’s fish are restored when re-joining the network game
– Team score support in network game
– Hosting improvements:
a) Setting for minimum client game version (/minver)
b) Result logs in txt and json-format (static/resultlog)
c) Resultlogs can be fetched from host via HTTP (enabled with /resultlog)
d) Support for adding bots to network game with custom names and teams (/bots, /addbot, /removebot)
– Players and the host can change their own team with /team -command
– Other minor fixes and improvements

Enjoyable fishing moments!


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