Pro Pilkki v1.6 Linux host released


Competitions for this ice fishing season are now over and releasing of next Pro Pilkki 2 version, v1.6, has been started. Linux host is the first in the line and is now available.  This host version is fully compatible with older game versions. Instructions for installing Linux-version can be found from here:

Android-, iOS- and Windows-versions of the game are already in application store certification tests and on their way for final testing. Version 1.6 will contain various fixes, improvements and optimizations all over the game. PC-version will have the support for Russian language, which will now be supported in the network game chat as well. An irritating bug that has been bothering and crashing the Linux hosts for a long time was eventually found and fixed to this version.

This new version allows us to give an individual host (network account) a possibility to increase maximum player count and enable enhanced spectator mode with fish visible on ice. This can be used in public events, competitions or LAN-parties, without a need for us providing a custom game version. There is also a new option in settings.dat to write Buddy-tool (old score calculation tool) compatible playlog-files.

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