Pro Pilkki v1.3 release for different platforms


Pro Pilkki version 1.3 is now available for Android and Windows Phone. Mobile version contains one new lake, Lokkiluoto, and a couple of smaller improvements as slightly modified endurance meter. Also the flashlight is in use at dark times, even without burbot-game. Some additional help is added for the local network game. Issues with a rod tip in Android version have been fixed as well.

Version 1.3 Linux hosts are also available with apt-get. Linux-host changes are a new lake (Lokkiluoto) and optimized memory usage. New command (/banaddress) has been added for banning players afterwards with the information in the playlog. Also, chat-muting cannot be avoided by jumping out and in.

Microsoft Store-version publishing takes still probably a day or two. Previous attempt failed in Microsoft validation due to missing privacy statement. For some reason it was not required in previous update. Store-version as a bit more new features:

– New lake: Lokkiluoto.
– Support added for low perspective camera view.
– Network game host can use automatic spectator mode (F8).
– New font and fresh menu outlook
– Player cannot avoid network game chat mute by leaving and re-joining the game.
– Host command /banaddress added for banning players after they have already left the game.
– Support for creating a local network game – joiners inside the same local network can select the game directly from the list, without typing IP address.
– banaddress -command added

PC-version installer, with XP-support will be released soon in Have a nice ice fishing spring!

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